Standards set fairly to gain the satisfaction from KPOP artists and fans around the world.

Are you wondering about how popular your favorite artist is in different countries?

Please take part in the Global Ranking of HANTEO CHART together with fans around the world.

How to participate

  1. Purchase a KPOP album from Gmarket Global.
  2. Check out the authentication card that came with the album.
  3. Scratch the QR code on the authentication card with a coin.
  4. Scan the QR code.
  5. Enter the Barcord.
  6. Check whether it reflected on the HANTEO CHART.
  7. Check the ranking of the artists you love at HANTEO CHART. You can see the ranking and sales volume of your favorite artists by signing up for a free membership


What is the Global Ranking for?
There is an ongoing controversy around album sales. Also, fake KPOP albums and products are allegedly sold in front of venues in some foreign countries. Having presented the fair standard for Korean pop music for nearly 30 years, HANTEO CHART believes that a solution for the rights of producers and artists is essential. Thus, we have created a database of purchasers through KPOP album authentication and purchase authentications to gain a better insight into the number of international exports. And the Global Chart has been built up by using this data.
Since when, and how does it operate?
This project will be carried out through Gmarket Global from October till December 2018. The genuine product card of HANTEO CHART with a hologram sticker on it will be shipped in conjunction with all albums to be exported by Gmarket Global. Customers who receive the album and coupon will be able to authenticate the genuine product only once with the smartphone QR code. This authenticated data will automatically reflect in the KPOP Global Ranking page of HANTEO CHART. Along with the sales volume, various information to be presented regarding sales by album, country, artists etc.
What does it mean?
Global Ranking is the only fair worldwide standard that allows you to know how much your artist is loved around the world based on actual sales and providing fair and transparent ranking information. This can help artists to grow and to make more profit.